What I Just Shot by Helen Nelder
Airport - ensemble

In a world driven by power and competition, do we have the courage to stand up and take responsibility?

Are we moved to act by what we see happening around us? Or have we just become voyeurs?

Set in a humanitarian aid camp in the midst of a war zone, What I Just Shot tells the story of John, a war photographer on the edge, facing choices that will make him or break him. John is attracted by the compassion and integrity of Beth, the director of the camp, who brings a sharp focus to the real human suffering. However, John is constantly goaded and hectored by his alter-ego, Wilhelmina, to concentrate on his work like war-junkie, AK, who will do anything to get the next shot. Meanwhile, the race is on to get images to air back home, and the official press conference reassures us that everything is going, well, splendidly!


Burn! (photo by Nina Abeysuriya)

Trained at École Jacques Le Coq in Paris, Helen has again employed her trademark style of physical theatre – combining surreal images and characters with naturalistic situations – to create a highly visual, explosive and challenging piece. Like w@rn, Helen's acclaimed debut about domestic abuse, What I Just Shot is informative and provocative.

What I Just Shot was first performed at the New Venture Theatre, Brighton, in November 2004.


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